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Review of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. (LINKED) A masterpiece, to me. With Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Fionn Whitehead. Read the review … a lot on the history too.




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Review of Nice Fish by Mark Rylance & Louis Jenkins, at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London, Very funny, innovative, great set … and Mark Rylance. We loved it.


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Review of Bridge of Spies added. Directed by Steven Spielberg, script by The Coen Brothers, Music by Thomas Newman and starring Tom Hanks with the phenomenal Mark Rylance. Brilliant.




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Review added of Farinelli and The King, a new play by Claire van Kampen at the Wanamaker Playhouse, based on the story of the 18th century castrato, Farinelli, who sang exclusively for King Philip V of Spain. This is a five star play, and features MARK RYLANCE as Philip V. Yes, Mark “Wolf Hall” Rylance.

'Farinelli amd the King' Play by Claire van Kampen performed in the Sam Wanamaker Theatre at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London,England,UK

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I’m going to do (I hope) an ongoing weekly episode-at-a-time review of the TV series of Wolf Hall (linked). I’ll add a weekly reminder. It starts with Episode One: Three Card Trick. I’ll add to the same review rather than create new pages,


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