Back to my 1960s films revisited series. The Rise & Rise of Michael Rimmer (FOLLOW LINK TO REVIEW) was filmed in 1969, and released in 1970. It stars Peter Cook as the manipulative political pollster who takes over the country and decides to govern by referendum. Yes, that’s why it’s being quoted fifty years later. The comedy is laden with the cream of British comic actors … John Cleese, Arthur Lowe and many others. The review (obviously) mentions Brexit.

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Review of The Unthanks at Wimborne Minster on their 2019 “Unaccompanied As We Are” tour. And they are unaccompanied. A sublime show, with sterling support from Scottish singer-songwriter Tim Dalling.


Having watched David Attenborough on Climate Change last night, we discussed it at length and I realized how often I’ve ranted on the same stuff, so I thought writing it down might at least spare the family having to listen again … LINK TO MY RANT. Comments are enabled if you want to make them.


Review added of the latest animation from Laika Studio, MISSING LINK (er, linked). Visually stunning and there are plenty of jokes for the accompanying adults. Highy recommended.



Review of the third RSC play, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (Linked). The RSC have reversed the roles. This is England, 1591 and it’s a matriarchy. All the male roles are now female, and Katherine and Bianca (Bianco) are now men. It’s not “gender blind” but a rethink of the play in a world where women had all the power. And it’s absolutely wonderful! We loved it.


The second of three plays in Stratford, AS YOU LIKE IT (linked). Some new variations on lines and scenes, as expected at the RSC. All RSC Shakespeare is unmissable …


Review of Kunene and The King (LINKED) at the Royal Shakespeare Company. 2019. A dying white South African actor (Antony Sher) and his African carer (John Kani). John Kani wrote it. A powerful play, which also manages to be controversial AND funny.