Review of Home, I’m Darling  (LINKED)by Laura Wade, at the National Theatre. A superb play about a couple who decide to recreate their lives as if they were living in the1950s.



Review of the Globe production of Love’s Labour’s Lost (LINKED) in the indoor Wanamaker Playhouse. It was played for laughs, but as an overall play it was incoherent. Sorry, one of my most negative reviews in ages. However, the music was exceptionally good.


Review added of Classic Spring’s last production in its Oscar Wilde season, The Importance of Being Earnest (LINKED). This one has divided the critics into “Love it” and “Hate it.” It is played larger than normal. My opinion is in the review.


Review added of Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen (LINKED). It won awards in 1998, and this is the 20th Anniversary production. It is based on the meeting between the Danish physicist Bohr and the German physicist Heisenberg in Nazi-occupied Denmark in 1941, and the implications which led to the atomic bomb. Was I blinded by the science? Read it and see.


The series of late 1960s films revisited continues with Deadfall (FOLLOW LINK) directed by Bryan Forbes, starring Michael Caine, Eric Portman and Giovanna Ralli. The John Barry soundtrack is the best thing of all.


The next one in the series of late 60s film reviewed on DVD in an attempt to see how memory compares to present reality. Bullitt (LINK TO REVIEW) is from 1968. It’s one everyone must have seen. Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughan and Jacqueline Bisset.


No, not the country, but the play Switzerland by Joanna Murray-Smith (SEE LINK) at Bath Ustinov Studio. This two person play is based on crime writer Patricia Highsmith. A fascinating and unsettling story.