A long retrospective review of The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society with focus on the 50th Anniversary Box set. Truly the best British Album of 1968. (Discuss?)



New rant added  (FOLLOW THIS LINK) on TV News obsession with having newsreaders standing outside closed buildings to give reports.


Just added BEST OF 2018 MUSIC (FOLLOW LINK) to the blog. A very personal view. A good year for Paul Simon and for The Kinks reissues.


Link to my BEST OF 2018 THEATRE roundup. This was a year when we saw a record number of plays, but it’s still a case of how many we did not see. It’s totally subjective … Best plays, actors, actresses, director, designer, theatres. If nothing else, it’s a photo essay on British Theatre this year. Take a look.


Review added of the spectacular production of TIMON OF ATHENS (follow link to my review)  by The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon. Directed by Simon Godwin, starring Kathryn Hunter as a female Timon.

Timon friends


Review of the Shakespeare’s Globe production of Macbeth at the Wanamaker Playhouse. Nepotism rules, OK? Though oddly, Paul Ready’s Macbeth is the only good thing in it. While it has some positive points, it’s a very low rating from me.


Review of Sam Shepard’s ‘True West’ with Kit Harrington and Johnny Flynn added. (https://peterviney.wordpress.com/stage/true-west/) Actors with charisma and chemistry. Not so sure about the play.