Review added of the hugely impressive Royal Shakespeare company production of Marlowe’s Tamburlaine (LINKED). It’s a long play, sweeping across vast swathes of the world. Jude Owusu is a magnificent Tamburlaine with a marvellous cast around him.

Tam 12


Review of the 2018 production of Troilus& Cressida at the RSC, directed by Gregory Doran. With Gavin Fowler &Amber James as the lovers, and Oliver Ford Davies as Pandarus.


Review of Don Carlos by Friedrich Schiller added (FOLLOW LINK). This was at the NuffieldCity Theatre, before moving on to the Rose Kingston. It stars Tom Burke (Musketeers, Striker) as the Marquis of Posa. Unusual bare stage production. Picture is Darell D’Silva as King Philip II of Spain.

Don Carlos Production Photos ©The Other Richard


Review of the World Premiere of Martin McDonagh’s “A Very Very Very Dark Matter” at The Bridge Theatre (FOLOW THE LINK). As one might expect, this is a very (very very) unconventional play about Hans Christian Anderson, and his very (very very) dark secret. We thought it wonderful.


Review added of Julie Burchill and Jane Robins controversial “pro-Brexit”play People Like Us added, (https://peterviney.wordpress.com/stage/people-like-us/). It sparked extremely negative reviews from the main critics.


Review added of Cliff Richard’s 2018 tour at Bournemouth. (FOLLOW LINK) A lengthy review too, as befits his 60 years as an entertainer. I liked the show much more than I’d expected … I was always a fan of earlier material.




Review added of Eyam by Matt Hartley (Follow the link) at Shakespeare’s Globe. The (true) story is of Eyam, a village struck with the bubonic plague in 1665. The villagers quarantined  themselves for 13 months to avoid spreading the disease. It has funny bits too!