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Review of The Full English at The Stables in Milton Keynes added. (see LINK) The Full English has Fay Hield, Martin Simpson, Seth Lakeman, Nancy Kerr, Sam Sweeney, Rob Harbron and Ben  Nicholls, so a modern folk supergroup in one of the best concerts of a very good year.



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I rarely use that Ned Flanders word “uplifting” but I’ll apply it to the Clint Eastwood directed, Morgan Freeman produced film Invictus. I saw it last night somewhat reluctantly fearing a worthy biopic that lacked tension because you knew the ending and that Nelson Mandela wasn’t going to get assassinated or die of a heart attack while jogging etc. Completely wrong. It’s a great movie and Morgan Freeman just becomes Mandela, or rather Mandela inhabits him. Matt Damon is excellent, even if he doesn’t look much like a rugby player. I can’t stand rugby as a game which enhanced the last twenty minutes because I didn’t know the result of the crucial match. But it’s genuinely uplifting. My only disappointment was to discover that it was named after the 19th century poem “Invictus” rather than the Holland-Dozier-Holland soul record label of the 1970s (OK, I know, that was named after the same poem).

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New blog …

This blog replaces the guestbook on my website, http://www.viney.uk.com. The website remains active.

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