An interview on FOREIGN AFFAIRS is now up on the Dart Travis blog.

Foreign-Affairs-English-As-A-Funny-Language-1-Kindle copy

A new article has been added on Language Viruses: politics. I wasn’t sure whether to place it under ELT articles or Rants, but it goes under ELT as it is about language. It takes the form of a Radio 4 dialogue.

Review of Jean Anouilh’s The Rehearsal (LINKED) at Chichester’s Minerva Theatre. A truly five star production, centered on an outstanding performance by Edward Bennett. I’ll be surprised if his portrayal of Hero isn’t the best performance of 2015. Rehearsal_castv2_5512cbb034776


There has been a small flurry of “hits” on the ancient article here on the language of -isms and -ists, “Thatcherite“. (Linkd) I added a short 2015 paragraph at the end.

Review added of The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley in the Talking Scarlet 2015 tour. With Jeffrey Holland and David Janson. ghosttrain

The iBooks version of FOREIGN AFFAIRS by Dart Travis is now available from the iBooks store (Fiction & Literature section) as well as the Kindle store. If you have an iPad you may prefer the iBooks version. There is also a Kobo (Sony reader) version.  See Dart Travis blog for more information.

Foreign-Affairs-English-As-A-Funny-Language-1-Kindle copy

Little Shop of Horrors at Salisbury Playhouse is reviewed. A first rate original production of Ashman & Menken’s musical.

Ben Stott in Little Shop of Horrors at Salisbury Playhouse - credit Richard Davenport (2)


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