Review added of Educating Rita by Willy Russell (SEE LINK), at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester. This production featured Lenny Henry and Lashana Lynch as Open University tutor Frank, and Liverpudlian mature student, Rita. In spite of poor initial reviews, we thought it excellent.


Review added of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Othello. (FOLLOW LINK). This production is notable for casting a black Iago (Lucian Msamati) and is also the RSC at its very best.


Review added of The Merchant of Venice, Royal Shakespeare Company 2015. Some reviews didn’t like it. We did (see link). Most interesting is contrasting it with other productions this year.

merchant of venice rsc

Review of Shakespeare’s King John at the Globe in London. This production for Magna Carta year has also played in churches, but here was in the open air on a sunny afternoon. A much better play than I had ever realized.


Follow link to review of The Beaux Stratagem by George Farquhar (1707) at The National Theatre in London. Two of our favorite actors, Susannah Fielding as Mrs Sullen, and Pearce Quigley as Scrub the butler. Beaux-Stratagem

Review of A Damsel in Distress at Chichester. (reviewed at link) Take a 1919 P.G. Wodehouse novel, its 1928 adaptation into a stage play, add the George & Ira Gershwin songs for the 1938 Fred Astaire film … and re-invent it entirely for 2015, with Jeremy Sams doing the book.


We went to see The Rehearsal by Jean Anouilh for a second time at Chichester. I have added a SECOND VIEWING section to the original review. Surprisingly the theatre was not full. You still have a chance to see it this week. Edward Bennett’s role as Hero will surely be the best performance of 2015. Photo: Gabrielle Dempsey as Lucile, Jamie Glover as The Count.



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