Names, Scribble and Numbers (FOLLOW LINK) is a chapter from Around Around: All About Vinyl which will eventually emerge after an incredibly long gestation sometime in 2017, initially as an iBook to accommodate the very large number of illustrations. This sampler chapter is a look at the scribble and numbers you will find on used (or as we now say, pre-loved) records, with a humorous snapshot of how records were played in a 1962 Youth Club. As this is a work still in progress, I’d be delighted by comments and corrections.

numbered sleeve collage

A detailed review of The Two Noble Kinsmen, by John Fletcher and William Shakespeare, in one of its very rare outings by the Royal Shakespeare Company. In spite of the intrinsic issues of the play itself (advertised as A Midsummer Night’s Dream Meets Fight Club) this is lively, inventive, and in the two lead roles, Paloman and Arcite (illustrated), very funny. One to catch at Stratford as it is so rarely seen.


Review added the Royal Shakespeare Company’s King Lear  (LINKED) with Antony Sher as Lear, David Troughton as Gloucester and Paapa Essediu as Edmund. A magnificent production.
King Lear poster


Strife review

Review of John Galsworthy’s play “Strife” at the Minerva Theatre at Chichester. Powerful performances in a 1909 industrial dispute … far more interesting than it sounds!


The latest graded ELT Reader in the Garnet Oracle Classics series is now available. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, Retold by Peter Viney. Dickens is particularly irritating for adaptors, in that he loves convoluted indirect narrative. In the end the storyline is so absorbing that it’s worth the effort. Even in the graded ELT version, I STILL feel that ending very moving.

A Tale of Two Cities garnet

A Midsummer Night’s Dream reviewed at Bath Theatre Royal   (FOLLOW THE LINK) I think that will be six performances I’ve seen of my favourite play this year. This one features Phill Jupitus as Bottom.


The three plays at the National Theatre in the Young Chekhov Season are transfers from Chichester last year with the same cast. The original Chichester Reviews can be found at YOUNG CHEKHOV SEASON here. Individual play links are:
The Seagull


Picture is from Platonov which we enjoyed most of the three.


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