Review of “The Disaster Artist” added. An unexpected and brilliant film about movie making, based on the cult “so bad it’s good” movie The Room.



We are at the start of Classic Spring Theatre’s London year of Oscar Wilde, produced (and here directed) by Dominic Dromgoole. The first play is A Woman of No Importance, starring Eve Best, Anne Reid and Dominic Rowan. A fabulous cast, great sets and costumes. The first of four Wilde comedies.


Review of Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings at Poole Lighthouse, 23rd November 2017. This is the “Afterglow” tour and the whole album was played in sequence. A memorable show.


Review of Quiz by James Graham, world premiere at Chichester’s Minerva Theatre.  It is based on the court case around the alleged cheating Major in 2001 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? A state of the art play with rapid changes and a facinating story. It’s interactive too.methode-times-prod-web-bin-97584cfa-c64b-11e7-9914-a38dcc178fcd.


A rant added on the new BBC TV series Howards End.  (LINK TO MY COMMENTS) The deliberately out of focus shots annoyed me so much I lost attention.  Feel free to comment on the page itself. Why do they keep blurring people?


Review of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s lavish production of Twelfth Night, (LINKED) with Adrian Edmondson as Malvolio. This also compares the RSC production with the three other major versions of this play in 2017.


Review of the English Touring Theatre production of THE WEIR by Conor McPherson. (LINKED). This is on tour, seen here at Poole Lighthouse. The play won the 1999 Best New Play Award, and is rated by Michael Billington as one of his 100 Greatest Plays. An excellent production.

The Weir PROD-449