An unusual review, or rather article. After years of looking for a copy we watched I’ll Never Forget What’s ‘Is Name, Michael Winner’s 1967 Swinging London film. (FOLLOW THE LINK TO THE REVIEW). It starred Oliver Reed, Carol White and Orson Wells, plus Harvey Hall, Harry Andrews, Wendy Craig, Michael Hordern, Frank Finlay, Marianne Faithful, Edward Fox … an incredible list of cameos. The question is, does this 1967 film work on screen now?



Review added of “Henry V” at the Ustinov Studio, Bath. This modern dress production has several innovations! Below are Ben Hall and Heledd Gwynn as King Henry V and Katherine of France in the wooing scene.


I’ve been working back from end to beginning of BST Summer Time at Hyde Park, and here’s the final review, Ward Thomas (LINKED). Described as a “country pop” act, they were the first British country act to achieve a #1 album with Cartwheels in 2016. If you like First Aid Kit, The Webb Sisters, Jennifer Nettles (and I like all of them), you’ll love them.


Sadly a much too short set from Shawn Colvin (SEE LINK) at BST Summertime, Hyde Park on the side stage. We wanted more … and on the main stage!


Review of Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit  (FOLLOW LINK) at BST Summertime, Hyde Park, 2018. The band is new to me, but his theatre work is very familiar. More on him than the music, which I intend to explore in much greater depth!


Review of Bonnie Raitt at Hyde Park, third on the bill. Follow the link. A tad dull for me.


Review of James Taylor at Hyde Park on 15 July (LINKED HERE). More will follow. Another great 5 star set.