Review added of “Love and Mercy” the Brian Wilson biopic. An intriguing script switches between 60s Brian (Paul Dano) and 80s Brian (John Cusack). Elizabeth Banks is Melinda who saved Brian from the clutches of Dr Landy (Paul Giamatti). A superb script. A biopic that works and is moving.

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Review of the Pixar animated film, Inside Out. Conceptually brilliant, and the execution is first class, but it really is “above” younger kids.


From Monday next, 17th August, Three Vee’s distributor, BEBC, will be stocking both FOREIGN AFFAIRS and HOME AFFAIRS in the trade paperback Print On Demand edition.

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Reviews added of Mr. Holmes (LINKED) starring Ian McKellan as Sherlock Holmes, 35 years into retirement. Ian McKellan has to play Sherlock at 58 (before World War I)  and then later in 1947 as 93. A brilliant feat in an understated but thought-provoking Britsh film … a film about fact, fiction and memory.


My article on Jackie DeShannon, the first female singer-songwriter, is now up on the Toppermost site. (LINK)

Somewhat late, my review of Suite Française … second run, so second it’s already on DVD.


A new rant added to the blog ON THE ROAD: INFORMATION OVERKILL (Linked)  on the proliferation of dumb and intrusive road signs. Please add any!



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