Review of Nice Fish by Mark Rylance & Louis Jenkins, at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London, Very funny, innovative, great set … and Mark Rylance. We loved it.


Review of The Manfreds “Maximun R&B” at The Concert Hall, Poole Lighthouse. Special Guests P.P. Arnold & Zoot Money. Fantastic show … 3 hours including interval.



Review of Fantastic Mr Fox, by Roald Dahl, adapted by Sam Holcroft. Children’s theatre at its best, directed by Maria Aberg. This will tour until July 2017. Review of the world premiere, at Nuffield Theatre Southampton.


Tremendous Christmas Entertainment with The Lock In Christmas Carol (LINKED) from The Demon Barbers, with dancers. I guess it’s a theatre piece. But you might call it a concert. Or dance theatre. Or maybe pantomime suits it better. It’s one of the most energetic and lively bits of performance you’ll see.


 THE TEMPEST (LINKED) has been in preparation for two years, Royal Shakespeare Company,  in collaboration with Intel so that Ariel can move on stage and also create a live-motion hologram. A visually stunning production, anchored by Simon Russell-Beale as Prospero.


A few weeks ago, with the release of You Want it Darker, Leonard’s last letter to Marianne, was revealed. She was the subject of his early songs and died soon after his letter last July.

Well Marianne it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine. And you know that I’ve always loved you for your beauty and your wisdom, but I don’t need to say anything more about that because you know all about that. But now, I just want to wish you a very good journey. Goodbye old friend. Endless love, see you down the road.”

And to you too, Leonard. Leonard was 82. When I saw him in concert I was struck by his spirit, his energy, his humour, his SOUL. His live shows are among the very best I have ever seen. Along with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon he formed a triumvirate of unmatchable North American songwriters and poets.

See the Toppermost on Leonard Cohen, which I co-wrote with Jerry Tenenbaum and Lucretia van den Berg.

Four concert reviews are on this blog:

Review of Terence Rattigan’s French Without Tears (linked) on its Autumn 2016 tour, by The English Touring Theatre. Rattigan’s first success on the stage in 1936, played in that era, it’s a light, frothy comedy played with enthusiasm and skill. It takes place at a language school in France where a group of young men are studying French, but are entranced by the lovely Diana.