Review of The Unthanks in concert on the Mount The Air tour in February 2015. (LINKED) This will also serve partly as an album review. The tour still has a month to go. Sublime music with perfect sound mixing too. Unmissable! Unthanks 2015 flier copy

Review added of Farinelli and The King, a new play by Claire van Kampen at the Wanamaker Playhouse, based on the story of the 18th century castrato, Farinelli, who sang exclusively for King Philip V of Spain. This is a five star play, and features MARK RYLANCE as Philip V. Yes, Mark “Wolf Hall” Rylance.

'Farinelli amd the King' Play by Claire van Kampen performed in the Sam Wanamaker Theatre at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London,England,UK

Review of Bernard Shaw’s Man & Superman, at the National Theatre with Ralph Fiennes and Indira Vharma. A long review of a long play. Unknown


A  piece on theatre matinees (LINKED) added to the RANTS section (rather than Stage). Do actors shortchange matinee audiences? Comments invited!

The Beach Boys

A collaborative article on The Beach Boys by David Lewis, Rob Morgan & Peter Viney is now up at the Toppermost website. Please comment there if moved!

Stage section

The Stage section, see the button in the Top Menu, has been re-indexed to put the plays into categories in alphabetical order (in addition to the right sidebar listing). So Shakespeare, Elizabethan & Jacobean, 17th / 18th / 19th centuries, Late 19th / Early 20th centuries, Modern (post Godot) and Dance Theatre / Circus are now the groupings. Hopefully this will improve navigation.

The cartoon is from Private Eye, February 2014

Shakespeare cartoon

Arcadia review

Review of Arcadia by Tom Stoppard added, at Bath Theatre Royal. This play is acclaimed as “one of the greatest 20th century plays.” In a rare negative review, I would give this production three stars out of five, and that’s generous! To me it’s a wordy radio play, masquerading as a drama. Genuine-emotion---Robert--008


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