Review added of Eyam by Matt Hartley (Follow the link) at Shakespeare’s Globe. The (true) story is of Eyam, a village struck with the bubonic plague in 1665. The villagers quarantined  themselves for 13 months to avoid spreading the disease. It has funny bits too!



Review of the Young Vic’s Twelfth Night: A Musical adaptation added. See link (https://peterviney.wordpress.com/stage/twelfth-night-young-vic/) This is set in Notting Hill at Carnival time and has a community chorus of thirty, singing and dancing. Great vibe. Lots of fun.


The 60s Films retrospective film series continues with How I Won The War, (FOLLOW THE INK TO THE REVIEW) from Richard Lester in 1967. Starring Michael Crawford and John Lennon, which is why it was so famous, though in my memory I’d put Michael Crawford, Michael Horden, Lee Montague and Roy Kinnear as the true stars. I rated it at the time. The critics didn’t. So how does it stand up 40 years on? See the review.


Review added of Spike Lee’s 2018 film BlacKkKlansman. (Follow the LINK) We were a bit later seeing this, waiting till the community cinema had it!  Fascinating background to a great film.


The series of late 1960s films revisited continues with The Swimmer from 1968. (FOLLOW LINK).  This series is proving popular. It stars Burt Lancaster and … well, mainly Burt Lancaster and his swimming trunks. An odd and memorable film.


Hogarth’s Progress (FOLLOW LINK) consists of two plays by Nick Dear: The Art of Success from 1986, and a new sequel The Taste of The Town. Set in the 18th century, following Hogarth’s rise as a “British” artist amidst debauchery and chaos. Superb cast.



Review of Vulcan 7 by Ade Edmondson & Nigel Planer (FOLLOW LINK). The two “Young Ones” also star in the play.  See the review- it’s about two ageing actors in a trailer on the set of a fantasy movie. Think “back stage comedy” rather than “sci-fi” too!