Review of the latest Globe production of Romeo & Juliet (linked). This got the biggest critical thumbs-down from the mainstream press in years. I’ve listed the good bits and the bad bits!


Review added of The Globe 2017 production of Twelfth Night, directed by Emma Rice. Bound to be controversial, hugely entertaining. LINK: Twelfth Night – Globe 2017


Review of Before The Party by Rodney Ackland at Salisbury Playhouse. The play is taken from a Somerset Maugham short story, though that only provides a central thread. Most of it was created by Ackland in 1949. It’s very funny, very well produced too. Running to the end of May.


A short review added of the BBC2 TV version of King Charles III  broadcast on 10th May 2017. The main purpose is to compare it with the 2014 theatrical version of King Charles III at the Almeida Theatre then in the West End. The theatrical version also went to Broadway.


Review of Alan Bennett’s Forty Years On at Chichester Festival Theatre, featuring Richard Wilson as The Headmaster. A huge cast … five teachers, ten “professional” pupils (who also play music) and a local addition of FIFTY-TWO extras as schoolkids. It’s set in 1968, and was Alan Bennett’s first play. A great production in all areas.


Review of Bob Dylan at the Bournemouth International Centre. At last the Songbook stuff made sense to me. A very good show … far better than I had expected.


We had a bit of a disaster with The Ferryman by Jez Butterworth, and missed Act One of three. That’s an hour. We caught the next two acts, and it made complete sense and was one of the best plays I’ve seen since I started this blog … and that’s at two-thirds only!  It is sold out at the Royal Court, but is moving to the West End.