Review of SYMPHONIC PINK FLOYD, live in Poole. The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, the huge Bournemouth Symphony Chorus plus “The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Pink Floyd Rock Band.” There were nearly 200 musicians and singers on stage for a totally sold out concert. As it should be. Pink Floyd never sounded this good!


FREE BROADBAND IN EVERY PACKET! (follow link) A rant added on Labour’s new promise of free high-speed Broadband for all. This political climate keeps inciting me to rants. I thought this particular patent electoral bribe insulting to the intelligence of the British public. Read on …

Review of the 2019 TV Series “World On Fire” added. Follow the link. An excellent TV series set in Poland, England, Berlin and Paris, and approaching feature film quality, but there are a few issues!


I’ve added a rant on the Labour promise of a four day working week within ten years: The Four Day Week?  It’s not a negative rant either, though I do point out some of the issues, and note how it’s already the reality for many. Please feel free to comment at the bottom on the blog (or here).

Review of James Wilton Dance in The Storm. Seen at Poole Lighthouse. Dance theatre reviews get few hits, I complain!


A rant added on the current Establishment Stitch-Up (FOLLOW LINK) where the only two in the TV debate will be The Opportunist Brexiteer versus The Closet Brexiteer. No room for the 48.1 % who voted Remain.

The occasional reviews of classic films of the 60s continue with Paul Newman in Harper from 1966. (FOLLOW LINK TO REVIEW) This one gets listed as a homage to film noir, hence the inclusion of Lauren Bacall, but it’s in vivid technicolour, and to me it really hasn’t stood up to the passing of time.