Review added of Macbeth at the Watermill Theatre. A thrilling, fast production with lots of music, featuring Billy Postlethwaite and Emma McDonald as a super Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. It makes such a difference seeing young, potent actors in the role rather than the usual older pillars of the profession. Brilliant



The 60s Retrospective series continues focussing on 1968 with cult Hammer Horror film, The Devil Rides Out (LINKED) with Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Patrick Mower. It got the spicier title The Devil’s Bride in the USA. Read about it even if you haven’t seen it. It was towards the end of that genre.

QUOTE:  The Devil Rides Out  harks back to a time when satanic forces could be defeated by a good sock on the jaw, daylight and the odd silver cross.


The link goes to a new article on “Anti Songs.” That is songs which protested against the counter culture, protest, long hair and so on. Some vehement stuff there from The Spokesmen on Dawn of Correction to Nancy and Frank Sinatra on Life’s A Trippy Thing. Suggestions welcome for more.


If …. review

The 1960s film retrospectives continue (after a gap) with my favourite of the lot, Lindsay Anderson’s If …. (LINKED)  starring Malcolm McDowell as Mick Travis. How does it stand up in 2019, that’s the question.

If 100


New article added to rants. Whatever happened to car CD players? (LINKED) Why can’t you find CD players in new cars? Discussed with conspiracy theory! Picture: CDs still on sale in supermarkets. The format has NOT died.

CDs in supermarket

Review added of the Netflix series “Sex Education” (FOLLOW LINK). This comedy drama series is filmed in Wales at a school where everyone has English accents and looks American. It’s very funny, but also touching. Great reviews all round too.



A new page added to music discussing Americana, and whether ANGLICANA exists (follow link) and how to define it. I suggests twenty classic examples and there’s a comments box on the page so you can argue the toss or add more … from Anthony Newley and David Bowie via The Kinks and Richard & Linda Thompson to to Bellowhead.

tneptune cd

The CD of Eliza Carthy’s “Neptune” album