The Chichester Festival productions of Miss Julie and Black Comedy are presented together as a double bill, and so reviewed together. LINKED HERE. It’s a somewhat odd pairing of heavy Strindberg with Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy, one of the funniest plays you’ll ever see. But they’re reviving the 1965 production.




Black Comedy


Review of Dawn of The Planet of The Apes added under films. Better than I expected AND it has The Weight by The Band on the soundtrack.


Amadeus review

Review of the re-opening production at Chichester Festival Theatre, Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus (LINKED) with Rupert Everett, Joshua McGuire and Jessie Buckley. An out and out five star play, for the second Saturday afternoon in a row, Monumental.


Oh, dear. Probably the second-worst music review I’ve ever posted (Nothing touches Sly Stone). We thought Hall & Oates were truly dire. Over-amplified, over-priced and forty years past their sell-by date. Review of Hall & Oates at Bournemouth International Centre is here.

Review of The Bleedin Noses at The Larmer Tree Festival, Wednesday 16th July 2014. They had the Larmer Tree Newcomer Award spot, and are an excellent Alt.Country band from South Wales. Definitely one to explore.


Review of Tom Jones at Larmer Tree Festival, (LINKED HERE) Dorset, 16th July 2014 added.

Tom Jones 2

Review of Shakespeare in Love  (LINKED) in the new stage version, featuring Tom Bateman as Will Shakespeare and Lucy Briggs-Owen as Viola. We’ve seen seven plays in London in a fortnight. This was easily the best of the lot, even better than The Crucible and Antony & Cleopatra, which is high praise!



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